Washington administrative code


Washington Administrative Code rules pertaining to ambulances or containing the word "ambulance" in the text or title as of 06/24/2019 by law number.



Chapter 36 - 14 WAC

WAC 36-12-360

WAC 36-13-110

WAC 36-14-545

WAC 51-11 C-405064

WAC 51-50-3001

WAC 118-04-100

WAC 118-04-320

WAC 182-501-0060

WAC 182-501-0065

WAC 182-501-0070

WAC 182-501-0180

WAC 182-502-0002

WAC 182-502-0160

WAC 182-507-0115

Chapter 182 - 546 WAC

WAC 182-546-0001

WAC 182-546-0100

WAC 182-546-0150

WAC 182-546-0200

WAC 182-546-0250

WAC 182-546-0300

WAC 182-546-0400

WAC 182-546-0425

WAC 182-546-0450

WAC 182-546-0500

WAC 182-546-0600

WAC 182-546-0700

WAC 182-546-0800

WAC 182-546-0900

WAC 182-546-1000

WAC 182-546-1500

WAC 182-546-2500

WAC 182-546-3000

WAC 182-546-4000

WAC 182-546-5000

WAC 182-546-5100

WAC 182-546-5200

WAC 182-546-5550

WAC 182-546-6000

WAC 182-546-6100

WAC 182-546-6200

WAC 182-550-1050

WAC 182-550-1400

WAC 182-550-1500

WAC 182-550-2596

WAC 182-551-1210

WAC 204-21-020

WAC 204-21-130

WAC 204-36-030

Title 246 WAC

WAC 246-15-010

WAC 246-320-251

WAC 246-329-160

WAC 246-803-330

Chapter 246 - 976 WAC

WAC 246-976-001

WAC 246-976-010

WAC 246-976-022

WAC 246-976-023

WAC 246-976-024

WAC 246-976-031

WAC 246-976-032

WAC 246-976-033

WAC 246-976-041

WAC 246-976-141

WAC 246-976-142

WAC 246-976-143

WAC 246-976-144

WAC 246-976-161

WAC 246-976-162

WAC 246-976-163

WAC 246-976-171

WAC 246-976-182

WAC 246-976-191

WAC 246-976-260

WAC 246-976-270

WAC 246-976-290

WAC 246-976-300

WAC 246-976-310

WAC 246-976-320

WAC 246-976-330

WAC 246-976-340

WAC 246-976-390

WAC 246-976-395

WAC 246-976-400

WAC 246-976-420

WAC 246-976-430

WAC 246-976-580

WAC 246-976-700

WAC 246-976-800

WAC 246-976-890

WAC 246-976-910

WAC 246-976-920

WAC 246-976-930

WAC 246-976-935

WAC 246-976-940

WAC 246-976-960

WAC 246-976-970

WAC 246-976-990

WAC 260-20-160

WAC 260-20-165

WAC 284-44-450

WAC 284-50-365

WAC 296-17 A-1401

WAC 296-17 A-1404

WAC 296-17 A-1405

WAC 296-17 A-6509

Chapter 296 - 23A WAC

WAC 296-23 A-0160

WAC 296-23 A-0230

WAC 296-23 A-0470

WAC 296-56-60121

WAC 296-56-60231

WAC 296-305-01517

WAC 296-865-20010

WAC 308-78-010

WAC 308-78-045

Title 388 WAC

WAC 388-71-0772

WAC 388-832-0260

WAC 458-20-233

WAC 468-270-030

WAC 468-300-700



Miscellaneous provisions.

Physician and ambulance or paramedical unit requirements for amateur events.

Table C405.6.2(2)—Individual lighting power allowances for building exteriors.


Classes of emergency workers.

Eligibility requirements and procedures for filing personal injury claims.

Health care coverage—Scope of covered categories of service.

Health care coverage—Description of covered categories of service.

Health care coverage—Noncovered services.

Health care services provided outside the state of Washington—General provisions.

Eligible provider types.

Billing a client.

Alien emergency medical program (AEM).



The MAA ambulance transportation program.

Client eligibility for ambulance transportation.

Scope of coverage for ambulance transportation.

Ambulance services the department does not cover.

General requirements for ambulance providers.

General limitations on payment for ambulance services.

Ambulance coverage during inpatient hospitals stays.

Payment for ground ambulance services.

Payment for ground ambulance services in special circumstances.

Procedure code modifiers.

Payment limitations for air ambulance services.

Payment for ambulance services provided in another state or U.S. territory.

Ambulance coverage in Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Coverage for nonemergency ground ambulance transportation.

Coverage for nonemergency air ambulance transportation.

Transportation to or from out-of-state treatment facilities—Coordination of benefits.

Transporting qualified trauma cases.

Transportation coverage under the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA).

Nonemergency transportation—General.

Nonemergency transportation—Definitions.

Nonemergency transportation broker and provider requirements.

Nonemergency transportation—Exclusions and limitations.

Nonemergency transportation—Authorization.

Nonemergency transportation—Noncovered.

Nonemergency transportation—Reimbursement.

Hospital services definitions.

Covered and noncovered revenue codes categories and subcategories for inpatient hospital services.

Covered and noncovered revenue code categories and subcategories for outpatient hospital services.

Services and equipment covered by the department but not included in the LTAC fixed per diem rate.

Covered services, including core services and supplies reimbursed through the hospice daily rate.


Emergency lamps.

Permit requirements.



Obstetrical services.

Birth center—Physical environment.

Plan for consultation, emergency transfer and referral.





EMS training program requirements, approval, reapproval, discipline

Initial EMS training course requirements and course approval.

EMS specialized training.

Senior EMS instructor (SEI) approval.

Senior EMS instructor (SEI) reapproval of recognition.

Denial, suspension, modification or revocation of SEI recognition.

To apply for training.


To obtain initial EMS provider certification following the successful completion of Washington state approved EMS course.

To obtain reciprocal (out-of-state) EMS certification, based on a current out-of-state or national EMS certification approved by the department.

To obtain EMS certification by challenging the educational requirements, based on possession of a current health care providers credential.

EMS certification.

General education requirements for EMS provider recertification.

The CME method of recertification.

The OTEP method of recertification.

Recertification, reversion, reissuance, and reinstatement of certification.

Authorized care—Scope of practice.

Disciplinary actions.


Licenses required.

Denial, suspension, revocation.

Ground ambulance vehicle standards.

Ground ambulance and aid service—Equipment.

Ground ambulance and aid service—Communications equipment.

Air ambulance services.

Ambulance and aid services—Record requirements.

Ambulance and aid services—Inspections and investigations.

Trauma verification of prehospital EMS services.

To apply for initial verification or to change verification status as a prehospital EMS service.

Verification—Noncompliance with standards.


Trauma registry—Department responsibilities.

Trauma registry—Provider responsibilities.


Trauma designation process.

Trauma service standards.

Trauma rehabilitation service standards.


Interhospital transfer guidelines and agreements.

Regional quality assurance and improvement program.

Medical program director.

General responsibilities of the department.

Emergency medical services and trauma care system trust account.

Steering committee.

Regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils.

Local emergency medical services and trauma care councils.

Fees and fines.

Audio and visual equipment.

Equine ambulance.

PKU formula coverage requirements and exceptions.

Specified disease and specified accident coverage.

Classification 1401.

Classification 1404.

Classification 1405.

Classification 6509.


How must hospitals submit charges for ambulance and professional services?

How does the department or self-insurer pay out-of-state hospitals for hospital services?

Which exclusions and exceptions apply to diagnosis-related-group (DRG) payments for hospital services?

Minimum safety requirements for docks and dock facilities.

Signs and marking.

First-aid kits.; First-aid kits.

Transportation of passengers.


Tax exempt use and circumstances.


Adult day centers—Emergency procedures.

Are there limitations to the transportation services I can receive?

Tax liability of medical and hospital service bureaus and associations and similar health care organizations.


Preferential loading.